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Important Announcement and Letter to Readers: March 9, 2024

A color photograph of African American woman Tiheera Blount and white man Emmanuel Mehr posing beside the Billie Holiday statue in Baltimore. They both hold a copy of Angela Y. Davis's book Blues Legacies and Black Feminism, which features an image of Holiday on its cover.
history & coffee leaders Tiheera Blount (left) and Emmanuel Mehr (right)

Dear valued Baltimore Histories reader,

Over the last thirteen months, we published 58 editions of Baltimore Histories Weekly. Thank you so much for engaging with the project at any level. I am excited to share with you the project’s next chapter. One of my favorite things about Baltimore Histories is our community of engaged readers, for both our newsletter and social media content. I am now taking this online community to the next level including into a physical space (in early summer 2024) in Baltimore’s historic Fells Point. But not to worry, our online community will remain as strong as ever!

Baltimore Histories is now history & coffee, a unique combination of a curated history-focused bookstore, affordable coffee shop, and interactive historical exhibits developed together with Maryland’s own exhibit development firm Quatrefoil. Online, we are now a national community of people interested in complex histories of the United States that lives at and on history & coffee’s social media accounts. You can find a full list of our new social media handles at the bottom of this letter.  I am so excited to launch our part of the journey standing on the shoulders of Baltimore Histories Weekly and thanks to all of your amazing support for the project.

For the next chapter, I am very excited to announce that we have a new leader: Tiheera Blount who has joined us as General Manager of history & coffee. Tiheera has a fantastic track record and comes to us from her role as Food and Beverage Manager at the Hilton, Baltimore Inner Harbor. I so love working with Ty’s passion, energy, and commitment every day and am truly lucky to be able to build history & coffee together with her.

Here is a list of our new history & coffee social media accounts, we look forward to continuing to engage with you all:

Thanks again,

Emmanuel Mehr

President, history & coffee


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